Amanita Muscaria – Align with Source, using the Magic Mushroom

Amanita Muscaria – Align with Source

Accessing your true source, the only source using Amanita Muscaria

This is about the fantastic discovery (or rather rediscovery) of ancient methods to reconnect one’s Personal self to one’s “higher” self. Much has been lost over time: definitions of terms, understanding of the origins of rituals and methods, as well as intentions needed.

Today we have uncovered the true meaning of ancient scriptures and texts as well as rituals and processes – all with the end goal of turning oneself into a manifestation master. There are many steps and work needed while intentionally gradually change one’s personality and identify with one’s Essence. While overwriting subconscious programming with intentional and meaningful ones, the actual evolutionary work of becoming more aware and tuned into higher levels of consciousness take place at the same time.

Manifesting is the highest function in man, tuning in to the one and only source for true inspiration and then relying on one’s capacity to pour Faith and intention into what is created. In the old days it was looked upon as doing Gods work.

Our recent rediscovery of a main ingredient in this work, the Amanita Muscaria, has made it possible to shorten the time it takes to become a clear channel and then to tune in to source. What in the past could take decades can now be achieved in years or even shorter time.

As humanity is lost without true inspiration, the search for this inner light has always been a top priority and strong inner longing. Using our techniques and technology, we see how searchers become finders – the force needed in humanity is intentional manifestation from the highest possible source.

Amanita Muscaria (AM) contains a chemical cocktail that does many things; one is presenting conscious access to the sub- and superconscious. In doing so, intentional internal and external manifestation becomes an accessible and real possibility.

Corrupted power-over-others individuals and groups use this to establish centralised government and religious systems.

More innocent people (power-over-self) can manifest more evolution-positive scenarios.

The power to manifest is the Power AM can provide, and that is the reason power-seeking individuals seek to use AM – either for themselves or for a “greater good”. But be very aware that the power-over-others live according to very different “greater good” world views.

The solution is to make AM available to many more manifesting individuals. The majority of people are not into power-over-others. When connecting to their higher selves, they connect with Source, the one and only Source. This source is part of a much bigger plan than the ones imagined by the power-over-others people.

You will access your own highest level with AM. It depends on what that level is. Your creative energy will express your level. The power-over-others are very driven people. The balance we would benefit from is created by allowing larger groups of individuals access and use AM to manifest a more complete and accurate Humanity.

We will not suddenly live fully enlightened lives, but at least we can balance out the power-over-others crowd. The human population needs positive visions of our future in which we all can evolve to our real levels and beyond.

It is not up to single individuals to impose their world- and life-views on the rest. The world is big enough for each one of us to connect to The Source and manifest from there.


12 Apr 2024


Starting 08:30 SHARP
8:30 am - 10:00 am


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