Angels + Founders United: Authentic Edition

Traditionally we have given the stage to Indonesian Impact founders, to present their social and/or environmental impact company. We have hosted more than 20 events, showcased more than 100 companies to 80+ panelists and an audience of 4000+. Angels love us, founders want us, and we need you.

A+F has evolved with several Club DAO editions. The first Global Philanthropic edition that spread beyond Indonesia, a RegenX edition in Dubai, and a storytelling edition with Zach Bush.

This month we bring another twist ♾️

Angels will no longer be the audience.
Founders no longer will be the show.

Together we sit in circle and become whole.

A wholesome experience for genuine and authentic connection. Club DAO invites its top 10 conscious and regenerative DAO’s to unite with Impactful Capital through a slow, heart-felt and collaborative conversation. No pitches. Just the universe guiding us into meaningful relationships that last, and change the world for the better.

Round 1 of Angels + Founders: United Dragon, was our first experience of connecting Investment Capital with Impact DAO’s.

Round 2, the Authentic Edition, is another opportunity for the top 10 projects of Club DAO to take off their masks and connect from the heart with Angels and Impact Focused Investment Funds.

Join us at Parq, Campus Level 3 to go deeper – look into the heart of the DAO and discover our most impactful and world changing projects ripe for investment.

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29 Apr 2024


11:00 am - 3:00 pm


PARQ - Ubud, Bali


  • Dr Diane
  • Mickael Couturier
  • Erik Desrosiers
    Erik Desrosiers

    For nearly two decades, Erik Desrosiers has been reshaping industries as a venture founder, a strategy consultant, and a government operative. His ventures have stood the test of time either through successful exits (Evolve Energy was sold to Octopus Energy for $5M) or sustained growth (Opsun Systems, ADL Ventures, Life Collective). While serving in government, Erik guided dozens of advanced technologies from lab to market and led the charge on regulatory reforms that have facilitated their adoption by society. An economist by training, Erik’s professional experience includes having been an associate consultant at McKinsey & Co and an associate principal at Charles River Associates. He holds degrees from the Harvard Kennedy School and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Johan Niklasson
  • Andrea
  • Chris Traub
  • Daniela Quilitzsch
  • Aaron Zalv
  • Kristina Day
    Kristina Day
  • Annika
  • Prem Sangeet aka Petar Savic
  • Alex Konstantinov
  • Risha Adveeva
  • Faiz Nasarali


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