Divine Alchemy / Star Light Transmission

Divine Alchemy/ Light Transmission with Goddess Isis & Ascended Masters. The medicine of the soul and the stars is the cosmology of divine wisdom. 

This spiritual healing work opens the Akashic Records and the Libery of God/ Goddess, where all the information of universal creation is stored. Here we are opening the etheric realms of divine light and connecting with the “Healing Sphere of the Universe.”

We become a divine Channel and Messenger of the Universe of Light, assisting Gaia and Humanity in its rising and creating heaven on earth.

The divine frequency of unity and the conscious prayers of light are opening the portals of healing. Receiving the crystalline codes of ascension is connecting us to our  cosmic self. 

The cosmic divine light of  Goddess Isis is offering all the healing tools and magic necessary to move into the next phase of our spiritual evolution. Here we enter a space of divine truth, divine love and divine power. Humanity is moving toward more enlightment  through receiving the multidimensional upgrades for generations.

Greater health, well-being and serendipity will unfold as we are vibrating more strongly with the field of divine love and attracting the magic of light.

The inner Alchemy of Gold is unfolding! You become golden.

The Alchemy of Gold is a powerful Egyptian teaching of the Goddess Isis, Osiris and Horus, where you transmute all lower energies into the light with the power of Ra (sun). This transmutation is the entry into the higher Christ consciousness. This will influence your life with positive manifestations and connections.

You can bring your favourite sacred item in order to charge it with the universe frequency of healing and ascension, bring something to journal.

 Love & Blessings, Anjuna Ma Saraya


02 Apr 2024


Please be on time!
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Eden Estate
Eden Estate
Pejeng kawan, takpaksiring, Gianyar, 80552

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