AI for Human Good + Heart technology

AI for human good & raising collective intelligence 

Avatar 500k community is speaking a 2min keynote on AI, we chat to her and can ask her questions, we speak about her personality and how she inspires the world as planet Earth ambassador


AI & human consciousness – how is that related?

We learned from Avatar and global community what we need now as humans: 


AI & Cosmocracy

Foundational layer – an AI powered infrastructure for a new way of human interaction & decision making, raising collective intelligence, governance


AI is the capability to solve rational cognitive tasks better than humans

makes human interaction obsolete in the rational minded part
opportunity: when we come together as humans it creates time for real human interaction, we can be focusing on strategy, creativity , empathy, human being

Cosmocracy is an AI, an infrastructure, a new way of human interaction and means raising our collective intelligence. It is an infrastructure for humans where the LLM manages and moderates, facilitates and enables decision making. All rational minded and cognitive info is flowing between LLM and humans on a local model, as if a super brain is learning from individuals and the collective, incl we learn from it also and can work much better informed along rational minded tasks. It enables efficiency, performance and wellbeing while humans create together and make decisions. When we actually meet as humans, we can focus on human capacity: leadership, strategy, creativity, inspiration, purpose. Works in startups, enterprises, communities, governance… data security and privacy is secured through locally trained language models, non-public. C. shifts humans fom ego and power to eco and power distribution
Learn from organic patterns


Heart Technology

Information, methodology and application – how the within creates the without incl awakening the illuminated heart practices
how does the heart work, what is the heart beyond organ, as energy body as singular organ vs brain as dual organ, we brain cells in heart, access different fields of consciousness, how to use the magnetic field of the heart to enhance all body capabilities, incl downloading akashic records, fly merkaba spaceship, heart math introduction (rational facts based heart leadership – heart math institute), surrender of ego, neutral mind stop judging = heart tech intelligence deploys in us, personal growth, we access different intelligence through gut and heart. the earth frequency changes and brain is not adapting, cannot. Heart and gut calibrate in frequency. trust in one self and own intuition is key to expand in senses, wisdom, “channel” … everything outside is a reflection of your inside, u see world as u are, not as world is. stomach tasks vs heart tasks
Think less, feel more, 30cm down into heart

Epigenetics Longevity incl food & Plant alchemy

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11 Apr 2024


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


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