Harmonic Resonance & Inner Child Alchemy – A Meditation Journey for Soulful Renewal

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing with Anahita’s “Harmonic Resonance & Inner Child Alchemy” – a transformative meditation workshop meticulously designed to awaken the deepest layers of your consciousness and tenderly nurture your inner child through the ancient wisdom of Sai Shakti healing, coupled with profound sound body activation. This session is a sacred invitation to traverse the vibrant landscapes of your soul, guiding you through a visionary quest across your chakras for an energetical rebirth and luminous awakening.

This immersive meditation experience aims for the recalibration of your essence, guiding you to operate from a place of overflowing love, wholeness, and divine abundance. Anahita invites you to transcend the old paradigms of fear and limitation, ushering you into a state of being that serves humanity through the pure, vibrant frequencies of Love, Light, and Abundance. By nurturing the inner child, you liberate yourself from unconscious constraints, embracing instead a life of conscious, joyful service.

Utilizing her profound insights into Sai Shakti and the resonant power of sound waves, Anahita will guide you through a sonorous voyage across your body to touch the etheric realms, activating your chakras for a complete spiritual and emotional recalibration. The session is thoughtfully designed to clear blockages and ignite a luminous pathway for your inner child to dance freely in the light of healing and acceptance.

Throughout this sacred gathering, Anahita will employ a spectrum of vibrational healing tools, including sound baths, guided visualizations, and chakra harmonization techniques, attuned to the collective needs and aspirations of the group, ensuring a personalized healing experience that resonates with each participant’s soul blueprint.

Join us if you feel the call to:
Heal and embrace your inner child, releasing past traumas and welcoming joy and creativity.
Experience a deep energetical cleansing, shedding layers of the old self for a luminous rebirth.
Align with your highest truths and potential, becoming a beacon of love, light, and service.

Anahita’s “Harmonic Resonance & Inner Child Alchemy” meditation workshop is a beacon for those seeking to elevate their vibrational state and embody their divine expansion fully. Together, we will create a sacred space of transformation, connection, and enlightenment, journeying through the soundscapes of your soul, and awakening to the boundless love within.


08 Apr 2024


9:00 am - 10:00 am


Eden Estate
Eden Estate
Pejeng kawan, takpaksiring, Gianyar, 80552

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