House of Pelega: Grounding the Dragon

Club DAO has journeyed through a 4 week program focusing on relationship building, start-ups, AI, DAO, and social technologies,  starseed activations, ceremony, regeneration, and investment education.

Once we were strangers, Now we are a unified field of conscious and regenerative impact creators, with over 40 projects and a newly birthed dragon.

To conclude our month long experience, we will gather at The House of Pelaga, a newly opened yoga retreat centre approximately 1 hour from Ubud.

With as little structure as possible, we will flow into a day of workshopping (29th) to ground in our collective vision and arrive at clarity for what the future looks like beyond this incubator.

  • What is our roadmap?
  • What milestones do we want to achieve?
  • Which direction are we heading?
  • How do we stay in touch and continue cultivating the collective dragon and Club DAO ecosystem?
  • What follow up support, systems and structures exist to help your DAO thrive beyond now?
  • What role would you like to play in Club DAO (if any)?
  • Would you like to play a role in other DAO’s within the Club?

We will conclude the first day with a tea ceremony with Natalia & Roman.

In the morning of the 30th, we will visit Air Terjun Nungnung, a close by waterfall.

Returning for lunch we will have our final workshop of the incubator; FAITH token allocation; giving each member Utility in the Club DAO ecosystem.

In the evening, We will celebrate our efforts and officially close our incubator with a ceremonial Ecstatic dance by our favourite DJ, J Pool!

We intend to have space for relaxation, yoga, and enjoying nature.

You can also expect Blaize to find you for a quick testimonial video; share your experience of this month in 90 seconds to 3 minutes, to give the world insights into your personal journey.

Yes it’s possible to join us just for the day, but we highly encourage all members to stay 2 nights to close this container together.

Accommodation options

Shared room: 500k per room per night (up to 2 people)

Spacious Private room: 700k per room per night (up to 2 people)

1 bedroom Villa: 1mil IDR per night

High quality vegetarian meals available: 100k per meal (notify Chee for any dietary needs)

(29th: lunch & dinner)

(30th: breakfast, lunch & dinner)

(1st: breakfast)

Please RSVP with Chee:+63 917 163 6481

We hope to see you at Bali Spirit Festival afterwards!

Thanks for journeying with us ❤️🐉


29 Apr 2024 - 01 May 2024


12:00 pm - 12:00 pm


House of Pelaga

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