Regen Bali

Regen Bali 


Regen Bali, driven by the ethos of Tri Hita Karana, strives to regenerate and localize island economies and ecological stewardship through a coordinated network approach. 


With a vision of clean land, plastic-free waters, and thriving communities, it aims to align the interests of various stakeholders, including royal families, governments, NGOs, and entrepreneurs. 


Through an umbrella initiative focusing on resource management, it seeks to foster collaboration, transparency, and accountability, leveraging blockchain technology and coordinated efforts. 


Join us on this day to share your project, purpose and passion aligned to the mission of regenerating Bali. 


  • Connect with others dedicated to solving the same challenges as you.
  • Discover opportunities to support and collaborate with Regen Bali and its ecosystem of regenerative organizations.
  • Express challenges you are facing with openness to finding the solution through a network effect & collective intelligence. 
  • Leave with actionable steps to progress your impact and expand your community 

Program Flow Summary


Opening Connection Exercise

Welcome and raise awareness of attendees’ presence and purpose for effective collaboration.


Choose Verticals

Select a domain of interest (water, food, energy, culture, healthcare, education) to explore opportunities for regeneration.


Team Formation

Form diverse teams reflecting various interests and expertise aligned with your vertical of choice. 


Brainstorming Session

Engage in exchanging ideas within teams, identifying challenges and opportunities in the chosen vertical.


Sharing Findings

Gather as a community to share insights and discoveries from brainstorming sessions, embracing diverse perspectives.


The Power of Sacred Rage

Reflective exploration of sacred rage as a catalyst for transformation, addressing obstacles and channeling emotions towards positive action.


Visual Meditation

Envision a regenerated Bali with clean land, thriving ecosystems, and harmonious communities, inspiring the creation of a regeneration blueprint.


Vision Sharing

Share visions among team members, weaving collective aspirations into a tapestry of possibility.


Taking Action

Outline actionable next steps to translate visions into tangible outcomes, committing to concrete actions for economic empowerment and ecological stewardship.



Depart with the spirit of Regen Bali, embracing hope, resilience, and collective action, recommitting to the cause of regeneration.

Key partners 

  • Regen Network
  • Gaia Temple
  • Gaia Hub
  • Regenerative Resources
  • Earth Regenerators Network
  • Club DAO Universe 
  • Bali Investment Club 
  • AVC
  • Eco-transformation Bali
  • Open civics 
  • Regen Civics
  • Opti AI
  • The Convergence
  • Regen island initiative  
  • Hypha
  • The Universe Ministry 
  • Peacetime development 
  • Holomovement 
  • Lumeria Co


Contact to become a key partner. 

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22 Apr 2024


11:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Mansion Resort, Ubud


  • Dr Diane
  • Erik Desrosiers
    Erik Desrosiers

    For nearly two decades, Erik Desrosiers has been reshaping industries as a venture founder, a strategy consultant, and a government operative. His ventures have stood the test of time either through successful exits (Evolve Energy was sold to Octopus Energy for $5M) or sustained growth (Opsun Systems, ADL Ventures, Life Collective). While serving in government, Erik guided dozens of advanced technologies from lab to market and led the charge on regulatory reforms that have facilitated their adoption by society. An economist by training, Erik’s professional experience includes having been an associate consultant at McKinsey & Co and an associate principal at Charles River Associates. He holds degrees from the Harvard Kennedy School and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Andrea


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