Spagyric Alchemy and Hermetic philosophy

Dip your toe into the ancient and original philosophy and art of Alchemy AKA hermetic science

Handed down by direct lineage initiation for over 7000 years, from the originator, Hermes tristmagistus – aka Thoth.

Jesse carries multiple lineages of hermetic philosophy through to the new age as the collective capacity becomes available for the psychospiritual science of the ancients to once again be part of life.

Learn to apply this wisdom, sacred art and ancient systems of magic to all aspects of life, business, health, personal and community evolution as well as real alchemical transformation both physically and spiritually.

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02 Apr 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Eden Estate
Eden Estate
Pejeng kawan, takpaksiring, Gianyar, 80552


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