Ayurveda: Full Body, Mind + Spirit Potential

anya · June 8, 2023

At the end of this 20-minute course, I promise you will cover the basics of Ayurveda and how it can help you…  

-> Balance your body: by finding your dosha (Ayurvedic body type) and balancing the elements (air, fire and earth).

-> Master your mind: with meditation, movement and pranayama techniques that are right for your body type. 

-> Shine your soul: with practices that align you with your soul and purpose. 

Who is this for? 

-> Anyone wanting to reach their full potential + level up!

-> Heal from mental/physical/chronic health conditions 

-> Wanting to align with their soul 


Here’s how Ayurveda not only saved my life, but transformed my overall well-being and brought me newfound vitality, balance and happiness

At 21 I found myself diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a tiny tumour in my brain (alas benign but still), hormone imbalance and anxiety. Getting to sleep was a struggle every day, I’d lost my period, I was addicted, especially to those bubble gum-flavoured vapes, I had no energy and nothing in my life was manifesting in terms of carrier, love and honest, real connections.

Doctors told me to go on medication but I knew that wasn’t right. Thank god I didn’t listen to them. I told myself I’d give it a year or so, and I could always go down the Big Pharma route, if all else fails. It’s crazy how THAT (& by that I mean natural healing) is the extreme option.

Fast forward 2 years my hormones had completely balanced, I had my period back, the MRI scan showed no signs of a tumour and I was also running my own business, had amazing friends and was in a healthy relationship. This was all thanks Ayurveda, which not only covers ways to heal your specific body type but how to balance your elements using food, herbs, meditation, pranayama and movement, as well as emotional cleansing, fostering real connections and finding your dharma (your soul purpose and mission here on earth).  



My First-Ever Client Sara:

“Working with Anya has been a life changing experience.  Her wisdom in combination with her compassion and kindness make her the most wonderful teacher. She brings joy, insight and understanding to all of our sessions. She provides profound advice and delegates small tasks that when applied to your daily routine invoke changes that pave the way to happiness, health and self love.

– Sara –

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