Offering – Mansion

An intimate experience of collective exploration Welcome to a night of co-creation, exploration, and play. This is a gift to the fantastic community of facilitators, musicians, coaches, designers, The night will be an emergent container for us to learn, experiment, and create magic together. As an experience designer, wizard, and systems change agent building a thriving future for all life, a night like this is about empowering and up-leveling my teammates on this mission, sharing tools, and embodying the magic that we each carry. So bring your superpowers, your instruments, your smells, your sound bowls, your tea sets, and whatever other tools inspire you to prepare for an unforgettable night.

By: Christopher Pitcher

30-minute Empowering Photography session at The Mansion Hotel in Ubud! I’m so excited to work with you to capture stunning and empowering photos of you in the beautiful surroundings of the hotel. We will start by discussing my vision for the shoot and what kind of images I wanted to create. I will guide you and select the best locations around the hotel to capture your desired shots, taking into consideration the lighting, backdrop, and overall aesthetic. I will direct you in posing and positioning to ensure that my best features were highlighted and your personality shone through in the images .<3 We will discuss the styling and the story telling few days in advance along different outfits and accessories to create a variety of looks and moods. Throughout the session, I will offer guidance and support to ensure that you felt comfortable and confident in front of the camera. After the photoshoot, I had the opportunity to select my favorite images for editing and final touches. I will provide 5-10 with high-quality, digital copies of selected images, so we can treasure them forever x This Empowering Photography session was designed to help you feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. The Mansion Hotel provided the perfect beautiful locations to tell the story. 1 day for women and one day for men.

By: Julia Dziadziak

An embodiment journey exploring the interconnected living relationship of water within our human cells and on the planet. In this container we explore pranayama & breath-work to open, leading into an ecstatic dance closed out with a group meditation. This is a ceremony. It is not a casual workshop. Please only come if you are committed to go deep into the journey and flow all the way to the end of the immersion.

By: Angus Wood

Flow arts, neuro-plasticity, and juggling. No experience necessary. Just come with an open heart.

By: Patrick Padden

Soundscape we created will invite us on a journey through the elements. 

The rhythm of the earth, the fluidity of water, the lightness of air, and the heat of fire will awaken your senses and transport you to a state of presence. We will see how we embody aether too 🙂 

DJ La Maya’s set will act as a portal to the natural world, deepening our connection to each of the elemental energies. That’s the space of allowing yourself to move with freedom and grace without judgement. The music and the dance will create a space where you can experience a sense of oneness with the natural world, finding a stillness within that connects you to the present moment.

*blindfolds are optional

. can be morning or evening before sleep.

By: Elvina

Integral theory is a theory of everything that offers a set of psychoactive mental frameworks that accelerate holistic human evolution.

By: Alex Konstantinov

We will use three tests to approximate our unique gift into one sentence and then will project it onto what we love experiencing in life.

By: Alex Konstantinov

Slow fashion fashion show paired with a love gauntlet/Angel walk By: Odin
Habit Transformation Success Program to Rewrite Yourself By: RJ DeLong
I’m happy to share some of the practical frameworks we have developed within our team environment at InSpiral that supports synchronized alignment led action freedom while also maintain consistency and healthy work flow for long term projects designing evolutionary environments that unlock our best human potential :heart: It’s a practical presentation and open discussion welcoming other frameworks and experiences that unlock next level collaborations in teams By: Estela

Conscious truth or dare with an eye gazing component

By: Odin

Make understanding of what is a DAO simple

By: RJ DeLong

Presentation of NfT WefaVers. how to buy it. how to use them. workshop what next.


This workshop gets your mind, body and energy ready to connect to the Quantum Field so that you can receive the healing, guidance and light-codes required. Several proven tools are used for this.

By: Rommy

An awakening talk for people to understand the basics of energism and the power of the love-frequency so that they can manifest health, joy and abundance By: Rommy
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