Global Peace Meditation & Krishna Kirtan with The Kirtaniyas, Raja Samu Samu & Special Guest

Sunday 21st April
Location: The Mansion Resort, Ubud Time: 5pm – late
Event: Global Peace Meditation & Krishna Kirtan with The Kirtaniyas
Guests: Royal Family Members, Government Officials, Club DAO Partners, VIP’s, Sponsors,
Media Coverage: Unify
Capacity: 200

Private & Invite only

Krishna, portrayed as the embodiment of peace despite possessing the power to obliterate worlds, exemplifies a profound choice for harmony over destruction.

Through the Global Peace meditation and Krishna Kirtan, a deep-seated commitment to fostering global harmony is underscored, marking a symbolic gesture towards achieving World Peace.

Club DAO’s noble mission is to engage in meditative practices and uplifting songs with leaders across the globe.

This endeavor aims to impress upon them the importance of reallocating resources from the machinery of warfare towards the construction of a lasting peace.

Envision a world where the abundance of human, financial, and natural resources is directed towards nurturing love, peace, and harmony.

This vision encompasses a society where essential needs such as water, food, education, healthcare, and energy are freely accessible to all inhabitants.

The realization of such a utopian society becomes feasible once the mechanisms of war are dismantled, making way for the dawn of a peace-centric era.

Upon the completion of Club DAO’s mission, wherein leaders worldwide participate in meditation and song, a collective pledge to extinguish the flames of war and ignite the torch of peace can be made.

Peace is not merely an ideal; it is an inevitable destiny awaiting its realization through concerted efforts and unwavering dedication.

If you have been sent this link, you are cordially invited to attend this historical day as we meditate and sing into peace, for now and forever ♾️

Event flow 

  • Opening ceremony 
  • Vedic and balinese fire  
  • Prayer from high priestess 
  • Welcome speech from Club DAO
  • King’s Speech
  • Meditation 
  • Cacao 
  • Kirtan (The Kirtanyas)
  • Dance performance
  • Flow into music, dance and dinner
  • Celebrate


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Global Peace Meditation
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21 Apr 2024


5:00 pm - 11:00 pm




The Mansion Resort, Ubud

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