Sonic Alchemy: a deep dive into the void through the vessel of sound


𓂀 Sonic Alchemy is rooted in foundations of Nada Yoga and involves a practice of brainwave entrainment through the medium of sound to slow the brainwaves to Theta and Delta states, as well as invoking trance states through instruments such as drumming.

𓂀 This practice promotes the parasympathetic nervous system and create a space for all five kosha/bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, causal) to heal, or recalibrate.

𓂀 The sound waves will release blockages in all 5 bodies for the prana to move freely. It will also detoxify every cell in the body and activate the waters that makes up 70% of the human body.

𓂀 While the body is in repair mode, the soul has a chance to go on a journey as we guide it through certain channeled frequencies to higher dimensions.

𓂀 Therese and Tarek offer a unique soul transmission with Kemetic & Union codes. Together they bring the spirit of the Egyptian Blue Lotus, or Sesen, which holds a Sirian galactic energy.

𓂀 This is an experiential space. Come to relax, reset the body, and connect deeply with source. Best received on an empty stomach and give yourself space afterward to come fully back and integrate the experience.


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03 Apr 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Eden Estate
Eden Estate
Pejeng kawan, takpaksiring, Gianyar, 80552

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