SoulPreneur Circle – Marketing for New Earth Leaders

-Have you ever felt resistance towards marketing and selling in your soul missioned business?
-Have you ever felt that the traditional 3D, linear, hustle “bro marketer”, sleazy manipulative techniques that are present in the collective have an effect on you as an impact-driven heart entrepreneur?
That instead of sharing about your offering with excitement – you shrink yourself, “play it safe”, keep it vague or try to “wing it” with your marketing?

If this resonates then the SoulPreneur Circle – workshop/masterclass for the Leaders of New Earth is going to shift your whole perception around marketing and building supportive systems in your business.

Whether you are a personal brand, product or service provider, it is important that we understand and EMBODY heart & soul aligned ways of marketing, so we can show up, attract and take our clients on a beautiful customer journey.

Bring a pen and paper! 🙂

This will be an interactive workshop – where we’ll go over the energetics of 3D marketing vs. 5D, we’ll look at some of the important aspects of the practical marketing funnels and most importantly, you’ll dive deeper into working with your consciousness around marketing and what may have been affecting you in marketing your Empire of Light (service to the world) that feels natural and effortless to your heart.

It is time to bring your unique soul gifts to the world through the domain of 5D business and alignment of your soul.

All my love,



Short version:
This workshop is perfect for those souls who know they have a powerful message, gifts to share but might be experiencing resistance, feeling overwhelmed or “put off” by the traditional 3D marketing & sales strategies, which create resistance in marketing and speaking about your services and offerings, if you’re ready to shift into a more aligned way of being – then join us on Wednesday.

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10 Apr 2024


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


PARQ - Ubud, Bali


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