Village & City Building: Network and Learn

This Village & city building mastermind is for members of Club DAO, Village & City builders, founders and Co-creators of land projects, in Bali and Beyond.

We will discuss a high level overview of the processes and journey to building a successful land project, network state, and new economy backed by regenerative land projects, water, food, healthcare, education, culture, energy and more.


  • Vision and mission
  • Development and financial planning (site planning – mapping, zones of use, water shed, resource and waste management etc)
  • Business planning (including MOU’s, JV’s, Strategic partnerships & government relations)
  • Design Development, Construction Management & Quality Control
  • Funding strategies (Crowdfunding, debt financing, equity, plot and home sales, NFT’s)
  • Pitchdeck & presentations (what investors want to see, how to create a journey)
  • Applying the DAO
  • In a truly collaborative mastermind format, we will allow the energy of the group to determine which of these topics we cover, and how deep we go into each.
  • This will be an opportunity to Network with land project & real estate developers, as well as strategic and funding partners

Key Partners:

Kelly Krezek
Founder, New Earth Development & Abundancia Costa Rica
New Earth Development’s course, Regenerative Development Foundations, offers a journey for regenerative land projects from conception to funding and execution.

They’ve closed $26M for Abundancia and supported their clients in closing over $700m so far.

Martin Antsey – The Future of Living

Chad Lefevre
The Most Important Conversations (TMIC Global)
Being in the World, and Not of the World: TMIC’s Life Regenerative Vision for Developing Creative Communities.

William Blakey & Zach Archer
Co-Founders, DAO Universe & Starseed Village
Starseed Village emerges as a dynamic community of 144 homes in the Guatemalan rainforest, with integrated food forests, holistic educational, research, and wellness centers. This community fosters ecological balance and cultural integration, serving as a global model for regenerative living, a hub for spiritual and artistic expression, and a premier destination for those seeking connection with nature and community.

Fresh updates from the team following a recent trip to the land, we will hear about the current status and roadmap as well as how we are applying the tools from New Earth Development.

Wissam Barakeh
Founder, House of OM
Wissam has created conscious community centers around the world beginning with Syria, then Dubai and now Bali. With great success, the community centers are expanding to India, Sri Lanka, Germany and Russia, and he continues to have the vision to create conscious communities around the world.

Wissam created each community as a sustainable social enterprise, mainly to improve well-being, elevating spirituality and adding more love and light to the world.

William Blakey & Dani Quilitzsch
Exploring the DAO
Experienced community builders and early adopters of the DAO, Will and Dani explore the practicalities of DAO technology as a tool for distribution of land rights and community governance.

Available to Club DAO members and approved guests only.

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16 Apr 2024


11:00 am - 6:00 pm


PARQ - Ubud, Bali


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